Tannus Armour

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WORLD’S No. 1 FLAT TIRE SOLUTION – IT’S LIKE A HELMET FOR YOUR TUBES! The Armour insert is positioned between the tire and the inner tube offering 15 mm of extra protection under the tread and 2/3 mm of extra protection to the sidewalls of the tire. Tannus Armour was in fact created to guarantee all cyclists maximum protection from punctures and maximum performance. Regardless of whether you are a city cyclist, touring cyclist or a mountain biker, Tannus Armour guarantees greater grip and greater vibration damping for a smoother, more comfortable and quieter ride. NEVER STOP RIDING!
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Tannus Armour main features:

15 mm of extra protection under the tread, 2/3 mm of extra protection on the sides of the tire, eliminates around 90% of punctures, side shoulder support of the tire when cornering, increase comfort, increase vibration absorption, more grip, no more sealant, quick and easy assembly, 7,000 km of life, reduction of tire maintenance.