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1.1 The rentedvehicle will be used exclusively within the area of the municipality of Naxos.

1.2 Aurelia IKE reserves the right, subject to availability, to provide a different type of bicycle different from the agreed, even without the previous information of the Lessee.

1.3 Aurelia IKE shall not be liable for any damage caused as a result of any transfer and / or use of the bicycle to an area other than the area set forth herein or by improper use of the bicycle.

1.4 The Lessee is obliged to return the bike and the equipment in the proper condition in which he/she received them at the agreed time.

1.5 The delivery and collection of the bicycle may take place only in the offices of Aurelia IKE and within the hours of its opera- tion, i.e. between 09:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. and from 17:00 to 21:00.

1.6 In a more specific written agreement, a different place of delivery may be designated (e.g. in the hotel or in the residence of the Lessee), which constitutes an additional benefit and there is an additional charge, which is borne exclusively by the Lessee.

1.7 The return of the bike takes place exclusively in the preset from Aurelia IKE point and within the above working hours.

1.8 Aurelia IKE may provide roadside – additional charge, which will be defined from Aurelia IKE unilaterally.


The bicycle may not be leased for a period of less than sixty minutes (60), which is the minimum mandatory charging time.


3.1 The total cost of the lease shall be paid in advance on receipt of the bicycle and shall be proved exclusively and only in written, excluding any other means of proof, even that of oath. If the Lessee returns the bike before the agreed time, Aure- lia IKE shall not be obliged to refund any amount. Aurelia IKE withholds the fee which is paid in advance and corresponds to the agreed time of use, as compensation for the inability to use the bike due to its commitment and inability to rent the bike to another lessee.

3.2 In order to book any bicycle, a deposit of 30% of the specified price is required, which in case of cancellation of the reservation, is not refundable to the Lessee.

3.3 The Lessee should pay the entire Value Added Tax (VAT), as well as any other legal charge, in addition to the agreed price.


4.1 Only those who have reached the age of eighteen (18) on the date of the lease may lease a bicycle.

4.2 Renting and using a bicycle by minors is prohibited. Exceptionally, minors who have reached the age of ten (10), may use the bicycle only if Aurelia IKE has given written consent of both parents, or the parent of the parent, who are responsible for fulfilling the terms hereof.


5.1 By signing the herein agreement, Aurelia IKE may request the amount of 1/3 of the total leasing amountas a guar- antee for the proper use of the bicycle.

5.2 Aurelia IKE is entitled to claim the full amount of the guarantee to be paid by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express), even if the payment of the rent for the bicycle has been made in cash.

5.3 The hire of a bicycle may only take place upon demonstration by the Lessee of the Police Identity Card or Driver’s License or any other travel document.

5.4  amount of the guarantee will be withheld.


6.1 Upon submission of a request from the ‘lessee‘, and without any obligation, ‘lessor‘ may, in its sole discretion, provide to him/her child seats, a helmet and a bicycle lock with or without additional charge, only if there is a corresponding avail- ability.

6.2 By more specific agreement of the parties, the provision of security to cover civil liability may be agreed, the cost of which shall be borne entirely by the Lessee.

6.3 In the event of the insured risk occurring, only Aurelia IKE shall be the sole beneficiary of the total amount of compensation

6.4. The validity of the safety ceases to apply if the bicycle is driven by another driver than the one declared in the contract, and/or if the bicycle is used for transporting heavy items, or any other objects (weapons, drugs Flammable materials, etc.), of which the carriage by applicable law is expressly prohibited or likely to entail any hazards to the safety of the vehicle or occupants, and/or if the bicycle is used in contravention of any Legislation and/or if the driver is in control of the authorities with alcohol rates higher than the permissible limit, and/or if it is found to have made prohibited use of substances and medicines.


7.1 The occupants of the bicycle may not exceed the permissible number of persons, as determined by the manufacturer and the lessor.

7.2 The Lessee is liable for any damage or deterioration caused by the bicycle vehicle, during the present leasing and is obliged to immediately restore it, signing upon its return, a solemn declaration of the fault and the totally amount of damage.

7.3 The Lessee expressly declares that he/she will not hire to anyone else the rented bicycle, which is hereby expressly prohibited.

7.4 The Lessee declares that he/she will be the driver of the rented bicycle and will not grant its use to any third party.

7.5 Aurelia IKE reserves the right to refuse to lease any vehicle to persons who are alleged to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and / or stimulants, and in general to persons who, in their discretion, may not drive it. leased vehicle.

7.6 The Lessee shall not be liable for any accidents or damage to passengers and third parties arising out of the improper conduct or driving of the Lessee and the occupants, as well as for any damage to foreign property that will occur during the lease. Aurelia IKE is solely responsible.

7.7 The Lessee states that prior to the signature post at this time he/she has carried out a thorough examination of the bicycle and in particular the safety-related signs (brakes, light, bell etc.) and recognize that the bike is in excellent construction and functional condition and enjoys the ultimate comfort. The receipt of the respective bike also implies the above statement – acceptance of the Lessee of all the aforementioned. The Lessee must report to Aurelia IKE any damage or malfunction of the bicycle or equipment prior to the signing of the contract. These observations are recorded in the lease agreement and no further damage can be recorded

7.8 Aurelia IKE

has indicated to the Lessee his/her obligation to use helmets and special equipment during the lease of the bicycle.

7.9 It is expressly forbidden to load and transfer the bicycle to any ship, boat, etc. without the written approval of the lessor.


8.1  The Lessee hereby undertakes the following indicative obligations, under which it is prohibited to: • Park, place or abandon the bike in a way that prevents or is prevented from free movement of other cyclists who are moving or attempt- ing to move to a bicycle, bicycle or bicycle path. • Towing the bike from another vehicle. • To tow or push any object which is not intended for construction to be towed or propelled by a bicycle. • To carry any hazardous to the road safety object.

except in the case of carriage of a person in a special seat, fixed on the bicycle and intended for this kind of carriage, or if it is a passenger/passenger transport on a bicycle which It is designed by design for this transport.

8.2 In the event of an accident or any other incident, the Lessee has the following obligations:

A) To provide Aurelia IKE with written or oral notice without delay, providing any appropriate information to B) To record contact details of each person involved, as well as any eyewitnesses, and any other relevant information (scene capture photograph, etc.) and to transmit them promptly to Aurelia IKE. C) not recognize any third’s party claim, D) Notify the Police, E) Collect any relevant information from any third party as well as any relevant document or other item (e.g. photos, etc.) and send them to Aurelia IKE 8.3 The Lessee is always obliged to lock the bicycle when it is not in use and to


9.1 During the lease the Lessee is obliged to fully restore any damage that may be made to any part of the bike, irrespec- tive of any paid warranty or any applicable insurance coverage.

9.2 In case of delayed delivery or abandonment of the bicycle, the lessee shall bear any compensation incurred by Aurelia IKE for any positive and consequential damage, any costs incurred in locating the bicycle, as well as any costs incurred in transporting it to its Lessor ‘s headquarters.

9.3 The payment and purchase value of the bicycle.

9.4 In the above cases the Lessee is obliged to compensate in full Aurelia IKE, regardless of any insurance cover. If and as long, the insurance company damages Aurelia IKE in full of the damage/

been covered in its entirety. In any other case the Lessee must compensate Aurelia IKE for any existing dispute.

9.5 In the event of a puncture of the bicycle tires or the tires having been lost in whole or in part by their pressure, the Lessee shall bear the cost of repairing them, amounting to five (5) euros.


For changes in dates, vehicle type and cancellations, Aurelia IKE withholds the total amount of the advance paid by the “tenant” while retaining the right to claim any positive or consequential damages.


This agreement is governed by Greek law. Any dispute which may arise between the parties herein, in the context of

concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of this Agreement, falls under the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, including proceedings relating to enforcement proceedings, interim measures, etc.