An electric bike, or e-Bike, is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider’s pedaling efforts. It provides an extra boost, making it easier to pedal, especially uphill or against strong winds.

E-Bikes have a battery-powered motor that can be activated by pedalingr. When you start pedaling, the motor kicks in to provide additional power, enhancing your cycling experience. You can control the level of assistance between 5 different levels or choose to ride without any assistance.

According to EU law,  e-Bikes have a maximum speed of 25km/h.

Nope! You ride is as you would ride one regular bicycle.

All our e-bikes use lithium – ion battery cells, which is a lighter weight, energy-dense alternative to the lead-acid batteries that most of the cars have.

You can remove it from the bike and charge it using any standard power outlet, or charge it on the bike. They’re designed for roughly 700 charge cycles and can last up to 5- 6 years.

The general rules of care and cleanliness that apply to any vehicle also apply to your new Aurelia electric bike. It must be kept clean, dry and its moving parts lubricated. Finally, it would be good to avoid parking in places exposed to extreme weather conditions, in places where works are being carried out, in places with a steep ground slope, etc.

In case of specific service needs it is better to contact a bike service store. We have some collaborative stores if you wish to ask for advice.

Finally with every bike we sell we provide a user manual with several information on the use and tips for maintainance.

No, it will cost you a little bit more than charging your mobile phone. In any case you will hardly see a difference in your power bill.