About us

our Mission

To cultivate the mentality field of the Greek islands with the seed of sustainable mobility through offering purpose built, affordable e-bikes and Light Electric Vehicles, for daily commuting, business practices and travel services.

the idea

Aurelia Bikes started as an idea in the early 2016.  Having seen the traffic, noise and environmental congestion in the Greek islands during high summer season on one side and the utility, purity and fun side of e-bikes on the other, we knew we had a clear purpose: Bring to life an e-bike that would take locals and summer guests from  A to B,  in a cheaper, safer, more fun and sustainable way than traditional transportation means.


the name

After hours of walking up and down, talking to walls, writing thousands of notes on paper, it struck!   And it implied all these elements that we wanted to say or show. Aurelia comes from “Aurelia Aurita”, the scientific name for the Moon Jellyfish. It uses harmoniously its body and the sea currents in order to travel in the ocean, consuming the least possible energy. The coherence in our minds, 4 years later, is still inevitable!

the ride

It’s August 2019 and we are ready to ride! With the valuable help of a partner, family and friends we launch in Naxos island, Aurelia e-assist Bikes. The first company ever in Greece, to produce, sell and provide for travel services it’s own e-bikes, all under one brand!

Our first e-bike was a military – green 48V fat e-bike, which is still in use by the founder’s wife and her only! The first Aurelia J20.

Three generations of electric fat bikes, hundreds of sales, thousands of rentals and guided tours with the according feedback later, we are proud to say that our e-bikes are built under two main pillars:

  1. trying to cover a wider range of customers’ needs and
  2. staying loyal to our set of production principles such as user friendliness, affordability for the Greek consumer, safety and fun.

our vision

To lead the transition process of Greece towards sustainable mobility with innovative products and pioneering services that enhance local economy and upgrade the domestic travel services.


Now you know what Aurelia is and what it means to us. It ‘s time to find out what It means to you!

In addition to 2 years guarantee on all our e-bikes (including electronic parts!) we commit to your smile, sense of freedom, surprise from the practicality and even the environmental consciousness  it will generously offer you. After several efforts to describe all of the above, sometimes with our customers, we decided to call it … #DefineYourRide

100000 +

kms traveled

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happy travelers

6573865 +

kgs of CO2 emissions saved