Segway E-Scooters


With Segway e-mopeds, urban commuting is now more fun, cheap and sustainable. Move from A to B with intelligence, by controlling your electric moto with your smartphone, in a safe (Seg)way!


Stylish and effective!

A fun, stylish and soooo smart e-moped, all in a great price. B110S is packed with technology features such as Airlock System, NFC tags (instead of a key), Smart Seat Detection, Cruise control while fully controllable by the Segway App. Chose one of the 5 color combinations and move around the city with style. The modern looks in addition to the light frame make it the most ideal, sustainable vehicle for commuting.

Range: up to 105km per charge

Max. speed: 45km/h

Motor: Segway 850W

Payload Capacity: 200kgs

License: ΑΜ ή Β1 (υπό όρους)

Riders: 1

Anti theft: Yes

Price: 1,290.00 €

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Price: 977,91 €


Accelerates your adventure!

Segway E110S will impress you with its quality of parts, driving behavior and its smart features. Fully controllable by the Segway app, with Energy Recovering Braking System, keyless power On/Off, color indication smart screen and many more, E110S will be the everyday companion that you are proud of.

Range: up to 75km per charge

Max. speed: 45km/h

Motor: Segway 1500W

Payload Capacity: 230kgs

License: ΑΜ ή Β1 (υπό όρους)

Riders: 2

Anti theft: Yes

Price: 2,690.00 €

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Price: 2,039.20 €